Aaron Ross has special powers…

Aaron Ross flew all the way to Estonia and managed to get 12th at the Simple session. There were like 70 or 80 pro’s and Aaron is not typically a contest guy so we are stoked for him. Afterwards, he celbrated by making wine into lemonade, and shaking the shit out of Chase Hawk who got 2nd. Dave Mirra got third, here is a pic of him doing a flair in the high air contest, at least 10 feet out. I stole the pic of the Dig Site, you can get more news there or at Fatbmx which also has a bike check for Dave Mirra, including the FBM parts he needs to get RAD! Cameron WOOD emailed to say he just got finished with a 50-50 road trip with Fuzzy, and some of the Utah Boys, and that he also did a box jump show during a Utah JAzz Game at full Capacity, and that they got there own lockers… Sounds cool. Cameron Wood is one nice dude!

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