This weekend is going to be wild. Forecast says chance of Rain Saturday morning, that doesn’t mean shit, unless it’s pouring all day, IT’S ON (rain day sunday if so)- but we ain’t scared unless it’s a storming the SHOW WILL GO ON. Starts Friday night with a street ride…

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Cruelsifix live on the RAMPLIFIER!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT – Cruelsifix will be playing LIVE during best trick and high air on the RAMPLIFIER and the AIR GUITAR- big hair big air rock and roll bike party on October 20th at the DIY world finals!!! BUILD YOUR OWN FUN!

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Maiden America- California Dreamin

The latest Maiden America tour has been announced, The crew will be roaming the NORCAL area (dates below) – we rented some Chrysler Town and Country’s to visit the land of milk and honey, with Profile and QBP! Van’s Bicycle Center
Thursday Nov 8th 4pm
622 Gray Ave, Yuba…

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