Yo Ralph!


It’s not like it needs to be said over and over again, but Animal Bikes owner/founder is an OG! Check out this Orange Juice interview with
Ralph Sinisi, FBM hall of gamer, genuine badass, and true friend.
Ralph Spent a lot of time fostering the East Coast street scene, hanging with Tag, and all along riding bikes built at FBM, you can also see Ralph in the FBM Movie Joe Stakun made a while back, or in an ad from 1999 below!

When and where did Animal Bikes originally get its start?

“I was riding for FBM and was on a trip to Florida with Crandall, Tag, Scerbo and Dossantos in 1999. We rode at this college in Georgia and got arrested for destruction of property for grinding this new marble ledge. The trip was so awesome and we were having such a great day and then the next minute we are sitting in county jail in orange jumpsuits not knowing when or if we would even get out. After Crandall finally got us bailed out, we decided to cut the trip short and head back north. We stopped at a campground in North Carolina and had a great night of hanging out and much stress relief after being in jail for the whole weekend. I think that is how it all just made sense to me then that I needed to do something just about street riding.”