Wu-Tang Clams…

Kelly Baker had a clambake at his house this afternoon, or a “clambaker” as he calls it. Collins was in the house, and ate shit on eth wallride on a Farmall, which is a choldrens tractor toy. No worries though, Kelly jumped a homemade chopper, and got awesome. Defgrip has a Tony Cardony bit on the site, as well as Metro pics. $down has Newports, Menthol Cigars and pics of Toby Fortes new whip, as does THe Movment. Toby is one sweet Dude. Leif Valin has a site up called So What Does that Mean with art and sarcasm. Peep that shit. In other news, Upstate NY has great weather, year round, and the archived news can be found on the menu above now. Word up.

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