woo hoo

I stole these 2 pics off the Albes site, till we can get a proper update posted, but I’ll give you a rundown. George D. won driving the Red Bull Car, Sher and Tunney were close though. I drove like a crazy bastard until my tire shot off, even driving through the spectator area, and hauling ass across the entire course, slamming into people head on. It was awesome. There was so much fire and smoke, and noise, it was like being at the gnarliest heavy metal concert you could imagine, I even left with ringing ears and a sore neck, Like I had hust left a Motorhead concert. The place was a blazing chaotic masterpiece of destruction. It ruled. Tag and Derek got booted from the garndstands for having beer, then Dereks cooler was confiscated by the police. He later found where they put it and stole it back. still full. Tony Hamlin and the Twins were also yelled at by the Cops for being too rowdy in the grandstands and using Foul language. Awesome. In other news, Woozy has a RF14 trailer posted on their site which is cool, peep that if you can. I’ll get some more pics and stories posted tonight if I get a chance….

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