Windward Passage

JAckson Allen Styled 360 by Leo Sanchez

For some Holiday relief and some words about a different Santa, we asked Jackson Allen about some awesomeness and some Bike stuff, and he was cool enough to share some badass pics of get rads in Santa Cruz…

Have you ever seen Neil Young in real life?
I’ve seen him at some outdoor concerts in the bay area, but I also belong to a network of nerds that promise to text eachother if we see him grocery shopping or something.

If you were a Neil Young Song which would you be and why?
Right now I would be the song Windward Passage that Neil used to play during his brief stint with the DUCKS. In the late 70’s Neil moved to Santa Cruz and started THE DUCKS with some musician friends. They would play all the bars in Santa Cruz and Neil insisted that they didn’t charge more than a $3 cover. The song itself is a jammed out Zuma-esque psychadelic meltdown and although I wouldn’t say that is me in a nutshell or anything, I do like to party when the occasion presents itself. When I am not so high and mighty, I am the song Out on the Weekend.

Bonus info: Neil and Ducks singer Jeff Blackburn co-wrote My My, Hey Hey during this time.

What do you think about Bikes?
Bikes will save your life from sucking.

Whats the weirdest thing you have witnessed Chris Chris Chriswell do?
One time Chris stood up in a crowded Las Vegas restaurant and shouted “FUCK ALL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS” and just walked out. Chris doesn’t like to talk politics at the dinner table.

Whats one of your favorite Ginch Bro Experiences?
I was a roadie on the Intensity in Ten Cities tour where Adam opened for a headlining Garrett, so I saw a bunch of awesome shit. It was a blur of hair, headbanging and pizza. Oh and one time I think I saw them switch bikes in midair.

Whats the best part about living in Santa Carla? Does Jason Patric ever ride with you guys?
The other day I was riding to work and there was no one on the streets and then this dude that looked like a zombie came staggering down the middle of the road. I wasn’t even that suprised, if a zombie (or vampire) invasion happens you’ll see it here first. Jason Patric has trouble getting up in the mornings but sometimes we fly around at night or hang out on the trestle after work. “Michael! You’re one of us!”

Whats the fastest you ever slowed down?
When I was 13 I ran a squirrel over with my bike.

Jackson Allen by Leo Sanchez

Serious Pic by Chris Reisner

Jax and Co. by mike hernandez