Win A Frame With No Name

This is the frame you can win, manufactured right here at the FBM headquarters in Johnson City, NY.

Contest time:

We are going to give one of these frames with no name away to someone who can come up with a name to use that we like. It’s easy. Email your suggestions here:

The contest lasts until 5 P.M. EST Friday…starting NOW! We’ll pick the winner by early next week. Here are the names we’ve tossed around here at FBM – PowerCoque (pronounced PowerCock) SNL (Slow N’ Low), Brigantine, Razor, Sling Blade and Keel Haul. Obviously no name is too idiotic to be considered. Have fun.

What will she be called? Brazed removable brake mounts, a first for an American made FBM frame. More Belmar progress. Lunch crew. Dave King's Nice front end set up. Not everyone likes pizza, not everyone likes clowns, does anybody like pizza clowns?

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