Why the FL BMX series is important…


In January we took the FBM Fun Bus to Tampa Florida to attend the second stop of the FL BMX series, hosted by BMX Legend Dave Brumlow, with the help of Matt Coplon, and the backing of an entire community of Florida riders…

Over 150 kids were entered to compete, and literally hundreds of riders were on hand to hang out at a great event that seemed somewhat unnoticed by the BMX Industry outside of Florida, and done largely independent of outside help or money. True grit and dedication to BMX, making it a genuinely radical BMX series for riders, and by riders.

This event seemed to transcend riding styles, trends, fashions, generations, and more to bring together riders from all walks of life to simply enjoy a good weekend filled with bikes.

Mike hinkins has a great write up On Dig BMX about the BMX phenomenon in Florida, check it out.

Thanks Guys!