The stem shown here is a prototype made by Phil Wasson, and slightly altered production stems will be aavilable within the next month. The gyro tab fits in the slot in the middle, so stack height is not affected. Its a great stem and we are stoked on it, Big Dave had been wanting to do a front load stem for a while, did some drawings, worked with Phil, and this is the result. You don’t hear much about Sean Emery, as he is elusive, and 3000 miles away from FBM on most days, but he is riding, has a new elbow, a new PW, and killing it. More Photos of Sean to come. I know I joke around alot on thenews, and people rarely know when i am or not, but all of yesterdays news was 100 percent true. Here is a couple of pics of Brad, he sent some of his kids too. Brad was and is a huge influence on what FBM became from when we were younger. He says he has been riding ramps for 23 years and street for even longer. One of the original Dirt Bros., he was a pioneer in street riding, and someone we all looked up to. It’s cool to actaully talk to an icon from a time when BMX looked a whole lot different, both figuratively and literally. The Mat Hoffman thing was real too. I have no idea why Pamela Anderson bought his bike, but he is a celebrity, and they do shit like that. Mat is also someone who we are stoked on, Head First and the DBI video were 2 of the first 3 or 4 bike videos I ever watched. There is a lot of cool shit throughout the history of BMX, luckily for some of my friends and I, we got to see and be a part of it, and we are still here today to enjoy it. Hopefully this afternoon, I am meeting up with Kelly Baker to do some riding. talk about legends, one time Kelly’s brother chopped a tree down, it landed on him, and he never dropped his beer. Dialed.

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