Who stole the soul?

The soul of BMX has always been in the hands of the riders, the industry however, has been slipping from the hands of riders, through neglect, thoughtlessness, laziness, and a seeming general unawareness. The worn remainder of our trusty BMX waffle sole, has our toes poking through, from walking the path of least resistance, the easy way to nowhere fast.
Through a collective numb nod of approval, BMX has finally reached what appears to be an All Time Low, where riders strive for less, make it seem like more, and the biggest outcry is when some faceless corporation decides to cut its program, leaving a dozen or so dudes minus a monthly salary, for wearing free sneakers.
In a world wear the biggest concerns, are attached to a handheld wireless information and communication device, seemingly designed to make people less independent, less creative, marginal and unoriginal,generally dumber, all while eliminating the ability to choose and use words effectively, what do we have? Social networking?
In today’s economy, where all the conveniences are delivered with ease over the internet, and everyone has what appears to be unlimited access to almost everything, Small Independent BMX companies, and bike shops, and some of the most talented pros, still struggle just to pay the bills.
Choosing a path, is something we should all think about with a small amount of reflection, and consideration, especially given the recent internet shoe debacle, that should mark as a symbol, a starting point, or even a ceremonious reintroduction to BMX, forward thought, proactive behavior, participation, and support of the good people who work hard to showcase some of the best in BMX. The road less travelled, the path of resistance, whatever you want to call it, it’s never the easiest way towards
some kind of goal, but the scenery is nice, and you can see some interesting sights along the way.

The First BMX events, road trips, magazines, videos, companies that made BMX what is, the whole lifestyle was founded and run by BMXers, but nowadays, it feels different. You don’t need a sponsor to ride your bike, you don’t need an energy drink company to throw a contest, you don’t need the internet’s approval to have a good time riding with your friends…

Pay Attention to who you support, who you represent, where you spend your money, and think about how your decisions affect an entire community.

Without roots the whole tree dies. Without the riders, the wheel stops spinning. Without the support of the community, none of us will be here to share our absurd ideas…
Throw a jam, take a trip, help a grom fix his flat tire. Build a ramp, Build a jump, Build a grind box, build a community. Get your feet wet and play the radio loud….