Who Bike E dat?

Mikey Corts by Sweet Baby.

Mikey Corts does his best Justin Sheckler, aka THE GUY, impersonation in upstate Ny, while Bigglestown impersonates a city with better weather. Monday was good, so we rode bikes. I was also lucky enough to have my bike stolen on monday after doing some riding, and buying the newest Krooked video at the Local Skate shop. Not stoked, until I see some guys with it on my walk home. The guy with my bike ad no sleeves, and a mohawk, and his buddy wearing baggy bondage pants and a slipknot shirt. Mohawk Buddy wouldn’t give my bike back, so I had told onto the Krooked DVD, and my crossbar with my left hand, and Pop mohawk guy in the kisser with my right hand. I got my bike back, and was even lucky enough to have my life threatened, via a “kick to the throat”. Wow. Florida is still crazy, and I am completely stoked on that. Keep up the good work guys. Paul green sent over this amazing cat graphic, and Forgash sent over some dog pics, all to celebrate the fact that its raining cats and dogs inside the building and outside today. New shirts are available, peep em.

Joey J. from FLA. Paul Green is amazing. What up dogs? Check with you Favorite shop or mail order for new goodies...

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