Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Adam Guilliams is Kick Butt!

I stumbled across this sorta old, trails edit online yesterday via the you Tubes… It has some great riding in the woods, in the Northeast, set to a tune by sean Garrison and the Five Finger Discount.
I’m not sure what it was in or anything, or how it ended up online, but I like it, and decided to post some more Ancient gems from the FBM archive…
Another item I was stoked on, was the Bob Scerbo Article, that Nic Ferrierreareeaarea Posted on ESPN, pretty right on.
Anyrate, BMX awesome, hope everyone is enjoying some of it this weekend…

David King!

David king


Mike Tag at BAkers Acres!

Scerbo, Leland, Tag and Cranpa. Salton Sea.