Where the Wild things are at?

Joby Springsteen!

Joby Springsteen, part of the FBM machine shop, and builder of his own guitar amp, is one of the homeboys putting in work on the Anthem Steadfast frames due out very soon, next time you see him, or his purple pants throw a hi five at him!
Come See the High Flying Ginch brothers and more of the FBM crew in St, louis this weekend at the ramp Riders Buck Nutty Jam, we will be on hand hosting a best trick, and a Wild Man impersonation event. Winners gets a TL 88 sticker pack!>br< Joel Barnett, who is also one of the nice people that make FBM one of the weirdest bicycle companies to ever exist, outside of Ketch Bikes, recently put together an edit from a trip to Albany to ride the Shelter skatepark, check it out below, courtesy of The Least Most.

Wolf Den Shelter Session from Least Most on Vimeo.

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Where the wild things are at?

JPR is BMX’s ambassador to the weird wild world of the Wildman – Todd Lyons. No other nudist BMX legend has ever had a dreadlocked video game character, doing candybars riding a huffy, Next time you see JP at Kerryman’s thank him with a tall shot of jameson, and a bud light, his eye for the underworld exploits of BMX kooks is unmatched!

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