Whats up with Mikey Babbel?

Mikey by Brandon Means!

We caught up with FBM’s youngest new blood, for a couple of quickies…check it out!

Whats more fun landing flat or landing in transition?
Landing flat is definitely way more rad, but my wrist think its not too fun.

Whats the winter season like in the Temecula of California?
Horrible. It will be 60 degrees one day and 90 the next. It gets old real quick.

Whats the craziest thing you’ve heard McGoo say?
Asking my friend Patrick if he wanted to stay at his house and spoon is his bed. He’s claiming he has a big bed ha.

Can you name 3 riders from your scene/ area that get you super stoked and explain them briefly?
Joe Riley is someone who I am really stoked on. We always talk crap on each other all the time and people think we actually hate each other so it’s pretty rad. The next two are my brothers Bryan and Eric. They have been super supportive and are always down to shred. Between the three of those dudes, it’s hard not to have a fun time.

Are you stoked? I am always stoked! Sling shots and BMX. Thats all I need!

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