What Gilly See’s…

when I first met Gilly, we were in our early teens, with pieced together BMX bikes, and an adventurous vision quest for anything BMX related… On one of our first outings, we set out in search of an old motocross track, we’d heard was abandoned near to where I lived. If BMX tracks had jumps, then I could only imagine what a dirtbike track must be like. I think I was riding a re welded Lotus, with teardrop tubing, and a redline sticker pack, while Gilly was riding an old Hutch with any of the orphaned components he could find laying around Ithaca NY at the time.
I remember a the roads pretty specifically, a left on Sheffield, and a right on some gravel half paved road after that and up a huge hill, thats where Gilly snapped his chain, and I discovered he had upwards of 5 masterlinks in his chain, and we then scoured the gravelly back road for the parts to it. I was stunned that someone would use more than 1 masterlink, and soon drew to admire his resourcefulness.
I don’t remember if we found the track that day, but I do remember realizing that an ungroomed , overgrown motorcycle track was not ideal for dirt jumping, especially given our skill level…[/caption]

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