Welcome to FBM- Mikey Babbel

Mikey Babbel, secret shredder.

FBM’s newest Flow Bro Maniac is Mikey babbel out of Temecula California, We recently hooked Mikey up with a Berzerker, and he hooked us up with some pics, and this edit… Here’s a few Questions with Mikey as well-

Name- Mikey Babbel
Location- Temecula, CA
Sponsors-FBM, SNAFU, Hell On Earth, Fortune BMX, The Secret BMX

Who do you ride with?- Anyone really. But mostly Patrick Kroenke, My brothers, Darrin Guttierrez, and a few other locals.

What riders do you look up to?- Aitken, Edwin, and Joe Riley

Top 3 BMX videos – Anthem II, Kink Safety First, and Gypsy Caravan 3

Top 3 bands (current) Dimmu Borgir, Nagalfar, and Witch

top 3 bands of all time- Finntroll, Ensiferum, and Dimmu Borgir

Whats is Secret bmx? One of the greatest BMX only shops! If you are in the So-Cal area, come check us out!

Are you stoked? Really stoked!

any shout outs? Crandall , John Lee, Brothers, Patrick for driving me around, and all my family and friends!

Bathroom pics by Brandon means