Weekend at Bakers!

Super Fly....

Not unlike weekend at bernie’s, a weekend at Bakers is just as ridiculous and off the hook…A good weekend, amidst scattered thunderstorms, as a few dozen trail enthusiasts from around the east coast, gathered at Kelly Baker’s well known trail/party spot, for camping and good times. Weekend Highlights/lowpoints included Joe Stakun getting humped by Trouble dog then getting Ko’d on the wall, KB launching some ones car on a motocross track (driving the car off a jump), Big Job defending the title against Hanson with a TKO, Superfly showing up with a guy named Shitcat, and a sweet Chilean dude named Oscar, Vic from Circuit showing up with his crew and then puking in the woods, Evan and the Richmond guys, and Kaczur driving up on a sweet hog all the way from jersey,Tommy T. even made it up with his family, including his 3 kids, the weekend was way more awesome than this run on sentence, check out the pics….

Kaczur and Soda Pop Joe. Tommy T. trail sesh! supes again dolphins from outerspace Riley, ewok Launch... Kyle from New Hampshire same shit different angle Veggies, and tofu swath. tent city.

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