Wednesday bicycle update.

Nasty Nate- By jimmy conley

Nasty Nate Richter is staying in Tempe Arizona, this pic of him roosting was sent in by Jimmy Conley….sweet!
Rob Tibbs recently got himself a new Exodus, built it up with some nice parts, and is really stoked on it. He was later seen at mojo’s celebrating, with Christian and Steve D. Christian put together an FBM this week as well, after his beloved coke bottle head tube PW Moto classic was stolen from him at wolf point. Kie Ashworth hand me down…. Stoked. Double wolfage- never roam alone.

Tibbs' new setup, Supertherm Exodus Nice bike dude.... Christian with a new ish FBM build up... get rads Dudes making stuff... Matt of RPG, and Evan V.

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