Very High Fives.

Wormz and Chunk ala Gypsy caravan

Wormz, AKA Ruel Smith is a jamaican native, NYC resident, with a job, a wife, and Rock and Roll band called Big Grin. He is well known as a Professional rider for Animal Bike Company, including that Crazy Commercial a while back where he full sprint bunnyhopped a jersey barrier, and did a crazy wallride…He is also Sponsored by FBM, a huge fan of friendliness and Hi fives…
Here are some pics from last springs Gypsy Caravan, as well as Part 1 of the video from that trip…The Animal commerical is posted up on the news as well, check it out….

Gypsy Caravan Part 1 from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

dudes... Bicycle rim and Fork horshoes.... BOOST!

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