Vagabond Ritual

For some people it’s all about numbers, how much of something you can accumulate to give your life meaning, whether it be money, possessions, of any sort really, tricks on a bike, friends online, conquests, what have you…
For some people however, its not about the ends, it’s the means, and the time spent getting through life with a smile. For us, it’s a lifestyle, not a mission, and in that spirit we documented a few months of travel, and released a DVD called Vagabond Ritual
Many people don’t get it, or the concept behind travel, adventure, and learning through experience, and that’s fine, but sometimes it feels good to be out in the world, seeing something new, meeting someone new, and just enjoying the ride…
We like to try and share these ideas with people!

Vagabond Ritual – Trailer from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

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