Upstate Ny X-fest!

So for the weekend. We drove up and rode X Dreams in Rochester. A bunch of us went, escaped Cabin Fever and cold outdoor temperatures. Fun. Chunk had to hurry up and get out of Bigglestown anyhow. Everyone rode awesome, especially the nicest guy in BMX, John Lee who was letting it fly over the transfer. Afterwards, we stayed with Reez, from Blackout, and had a hoot as well, He was bummed because he had missed a shooting at the barrel, which would have been the 2nd one he had witnessed. At any rate, we woke up and headed to X wheels which is an awesome park in Buffalo. Virgina, who runs the place, was super welcoming, and hooked us up, so thanks to her for that. More news in a minute…

Originally Posted by Steve crandall

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