Updating Websites, and updating worksites…


We are sorry to say we’ll be busy moving FBM for the next several days, and we will be without phones on Monday the 21st and internet access for about 1 week after that. Earlier in the week we were informed that the building we are attached to, was being condemned, and its our only access to our loading dock. We then found out the building was going to be sealed, and torn down, giving us no access to anything, but a stairwell, putting us in code violation, and also trapping us in the basement space we rent. We basically found out yesterday, we had until sunday to find a new place to house FBM, and move it. It’s really trying, and we hope for everyone’s understanding. As a small, independent company, with hardly any money, this one is gonna be tufff, with 3 f’s. Feel free to go buy a ton of our shit from your favorite mailorder or bike shop, and blast “tiny dancer” from Elton John, we could use the support. Any rate, we’ll do our best, so far we have endured a fire, floods, robberies, and plenty of other disaster’s, whats a little problem with having a place to exist? thanks for being awesome to us!

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