Two for Tuesday

Tom and kenny by Bob Q

The extended weekend is over, and its back to normal, sans an east coast heatwave. Some Like it hottt, with more than 1 T. Today’s 2 for, is the hairmetal Twins, Kenny Horton And Tom Blyth. Yesterday Kenny Horton banged his head at a baby bird that fell out of its nest, While Tom Tried to save it. More news soon…

Joel B at RASP in Rottfester Ny Judge Mathis?

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Two for tuesday…

Nutter via Credence bikes...Gypsy trip

We used to Fuss when the Landlord dissed us, no heat, wondering why christmas missed us, birthdays was the worst days….now we sip champaign when we thirstay! And Jerry Curlan is nice. Some more pics from the Gypsy trip- Nutter from the Credence site, and a few from Mr. Heck Yea, Ernesto Rodriguez. Peep Deliverants for more, ala scott Towne.

Jimmy, Towne, and teddy ruxpin Ask the Re Cycles crew and Darryl Nau about this one... Master of the mods, Clint Reynolds... New Dig Ad! whast up with Derrick Girard?

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Two for Tuesday…

Dave King is in Canada, at Whistler with Gilly Smalls, building the new Elevation Course. Aaron Buckley HSot this pic of Dave at FDR prior to the trek westward, where the guys will be for the next month. Party. Yestaerday was unofficial BBQ Monday on the Loading dock. Almost no one ate any baked beans though, but it was nice to get the week started grilling. Chunk almost took the grill out with the Forklift.
Chris from Louisville sent a couple pics from the Derby jam a couple weekends ago, Leland in a sombrero, and Lil Billy shredding a bit. NYC this weekend.
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