Tuesday bike update….

Kie Ashworth, coming to America?

FBM and Stowaway rider, Kie Ashworth is heading to America this fall, he sent this pic over riding in his hometown, in Australia, getting ready for the mean terrain of the good old USA.
We have gotten plenty of good responses to our completes, and as many inquiries about weights on these bad boys….so here they are-

FBM EXECUTIONER -20.25″ Toptube. (26.8 lbs)
FBM HEATHEN -20.5″ Toptube.(27.4 lbs)

FBM MARAUDER BL -20.5″ Toptube. (28.4 lbs)

FBM MARAUDER -20.5″ Toptube.(27.1 lbs)

FBM WARLORD-20.75″ Toptube. (25.9 lbs)

An amazing job, and a job well done at that, JP, Bike Mike, John Lee and efforts including graphics by our crazy bastard scooter pumping lunatic Art Buddy Guav. Stoked on Bikes.
Check with your local shop, or favorite mailorder for availability, and other info on these kick ass bikes, and new Nice Brand components.

New FBM shirt? This is our friend Guav, riding the newest low slung short backend  vessel on the market...

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