Trails rule!

Eric Hennessey, shot by Jim Cielencki. East side.

These photos of Eric Hennessey were shot by Jim C. of Sunday bikes. Jim is a good guy, we are stoked he sent these pics over, thanks Jim. The Northeast, and much of the east coast are still battling with cold weather, and the departure of Old man winter, but these shots of Henny at Eastside are warm as can be. The crew that build and ride there are amongst the biggest apes I have ever encountered, and the landings are almost as big! really stoked, and glad Henny has his brain bucket on. Take Notes!
Besides dropping some serious moves on the Dirt Mounds, Henny also drops some names on the blog.
Henny Rules, Dirt Jumps kick butt, John Tillman is awesome, Hi Fives sound cool, and Natty Ice tastes terrible.
It’s monday, let’s make this week great!

Serious about the get rads!

git suhm!