Totally Tuesday in Austin Texas

The Quality Roadtrip brought us into Austin Texas, for a stop at Empire BMX to visit with tom, Tina, Bonnie, O Dawg, Hanson Little, and friends. We hung out there for a while, and then went to 5 hip on our way to San Antonio. Ryan Corrigan was present for the session, pulling some nice moves including this Abubaca. Ryan has been a part of FBM for years and years, and has brought alot to both FBM, and the entire riding community. Chances are if you have ridden a skatepark, or seen one on TV or in A video, Ryan had some part in Helping build it. Mark Mullvile had this to say about Ryan- ” I like that guy, he is a smiler, talks with a good accent, and is nice!” Mark also said this today- ” I didn’t invent anything, except liking pizza!” and ‘I am nice, Always, since like day 2..” Mark rode awesome, stew got the shots for Props. Dustin Griess nearly pulled a Fufanu to Tailwhip, and all the other dudes on the trip shredded, and we even met a dude named Duder. SWEET! Anyhow, tomorrow, the Alamo….

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