Tony Hamlin apes it out of High School

Twin Masher, Tony Hamlin is done with High School as of this week. Both him and Aaron Ross Graduate this year, and will be out riding even more than they were. Congrats guys. Apes. Team Major air is rumored to be stopping by FBM on tour soon, visiting olympic puddle swimmer John Corts, who ate shit in the lake at the Ithaca Skatepark yesterday, after 5 kids just pissed in it. Jim Bagg had a birthday today, and was stoked he isn’t dead yet, Happy B-day Jim. Big Dave probably wanted to kill him a few times, but Jim has made it this far.In other news, Deployers are back in stock for a minute or 2, Mike at Fat Traxx in Massachusets sold so many, I heard he was going to buy the Karaoke bar down the street, called “Mingles” also known as the Love Shack. Awesome. In other Mass. news, lots of apes up there. Matty Branscombe driving around Ma. in a Mack Truck? yes! Bergers warehouse dialed? yes! Dick Maul quit smoking after a funny look from a chicken? Yes. Jody from Timeless hanging out with Luke Beale? Maybe. where the hell is Dave Muggleston though? Holla atcha boy Dave! welfare zine represent. In other unrealted to real life type news, Joe Daguirda has a Chevy emblem Tattooed on his chest, Curtis hasn’t bitten any UPS drivers this week, and Sean Emery is riding again after surgery on his elbow, and says watch out. He is also doing stunts for an upcoming ALF movie being filmed in Santa Barbara. Word Up.

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