Tony Cardona Wins Lunch!

Tony Cardona has been spending some time recently in the Bethlehem Pennsylvania area, trails dialing with the boys down there. Check Axel rad (Treebo’s Site), Defgrip and The Credence site for random Tony Pics, and trail awesomeness! Pics stolen from Mr. B and treebO. leif Valin sent over some art, and some updates, he and Sten ( younger Valin) have been shredding Coloradical style, and Leif is also working and enrolled in school. Photos soon. Our Good buddy Mark “toast” Johnson in Seattle sent over a pic of his new Joint Frame Built up, and is stoked. In other news, the Stephen Murray frames area ll booked up, so we are not accepting any more order forms. Props to Big dave for the hard work he and the guys put in for a good cause. word has it that Stephen and his Family were stoked. In other news, Aaron Ross likes Stuff. Derrick Girard is kooked. Ryan Corrigan will drink a can of Busch, Tag is finishing up a new Shitluck Video, Cameron has a nice bike, and I think Tony Hamlin is in Rochester mistreating Twins. Look for some shots of Wormz in the New Ride Uk as well…. Now Playing- Gogol bordello- “start wearing Purple..”

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