Thousand Yard Stare Full Video

Thousand Yard Stare Full Video. from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

The thousand-yard stare. An human creature of the earth gets it after he’s been in the shit for too long. It’s like… It’s like you’re really seeing beyond. I got it. All field Apes got it. And you’ll have it too.

The Thousand Yard Stare.
Riding from THE FBM CREW- Ruel Smith, Eric Hennessey, Magilla, Garrett Guilliams, Tom Blyth, Adam Guilliams, Kenny Horton , Kelly Baker, Jackson Allen, Darryl Nau, Dave King, Ryan Corrigan, Steve Crandall, Evan Venditti, Stew Johnson, John Lee, Paul Horan, Eric Holladay, Neil Hise, Latane Coghill The Corts Bros. and more…

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