This Is Corporate America…

Don’t ask whats going on in this pic, Because I have no good answer.You can’t see john lee, be he is incased in Animal tires. After this pic was taken in the Machine Shop, Mike Corts was using the pressure Washer to clean the blood off of his brother John. Strange. Dave got a laugh out of it though. Aaron Ross is off to Germany forthe Rebel Jam today, with Stew Johnson, and allegedly Scott Wirch? I dont know if the last part is true, but the kids in the picture did a school project recently based on Aaron, and if the project was as weird as Aaron is, then it probably danced in an Ice Cream shop full of people. Woozy has more pics of teh Ramen Jam posted, as well as tons of other Random stuff, which may or may not incude Freddy Chulo. This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, and Japanther are both playing in Ithaca on Sunday, if you are not Familiar with these bands, they can both be heard in FBM Videos. The Unofficial Dave King wreck section in “half and Half” features Japanther’s “wolfenswan” and Pipe Bomb needs no further description, they kick ass. Go to that show, it’ll be fun….

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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