The Skeleton still runs bitch!


Sometime around 2001, I picked up a 1986 Ford Econoline 150, with a 302, and an 8 quart industrial action crank case.It was white, completely gutted, dirt cheap, and soon was dubbed, the “skeleton”
Over the years, it’s had its skeptics, due to its lack of luxury appeal, and diamond in the rough vibe. In some way’s it was a reflection of FBM itself, Utilitarioan, functional, not always pretty, but dependable and badass none the less…
Its currently the Shop van ,and primarily used for Going to Paint, but she has seen her share of road trips, to Austin, Interbike in Vegas, all over the East Coast and more…
The long and the short of it, The Skeleton still runs strong and has outlasted many who have doubted. Pretty, Shiny, fancy, It Ain’t, but its ripping still!
We Jam Econo!