The Rob Tibbs

Berm Air over under- Tibbs/Steve Dailey!

When Not dealing with his lunatic friends on dollar beer night, dialing in wooden fence photo shoots, or lettering a fleet of company cars for business tycoons like Darryl Jenks, Legendary Ramp and street Icon, Rob Tibbs can still be seen blasting airs, carving berms, and toothing picks like a champ.

Rob still shreds with the help FBM Poducts, like Tallboy Handlebars, Nice Miso Grips, and new SUPAFAST bearing supplements! Boo Yes!
Not a kink shinguard or El Guapo in sight, but you can still hear Reez’s raspy voice in the background of some old Ride ads from years past!

Props to Rob, and all the working class BMX riders out there, just shredding for kicks!

Rob Tibbs. Bike Lot Table!

Tibbs Berm Air Table At dogwood dell.

Tao of Willie Nelson