The Return of the Gypsy!

Spencer Bayles, on the new Gypsy at the Ithaca Park!

We have new Gypsy frames out of the oven, and in bike shops worldwide, Here is a shot of our Buddy Spencer, and Ithaca Local, riding a brand spanking new one, still hot from Joby’s welding table…
Check out Spencer, the new Gypsy frames and a lot more in Ithaca at the Jam for Tag this weekend. Joel Barnett will be in the house partying as well!
Check out the Gypsy Spec Here!

Ithaca is Gangsta? Alex Capalongo, and Spencer Bayles!
Super Awesome Trans Blue Gypsy! Hand Built in NY

THESE BIKES ARE AWESOME, and at shops now!

Featuring: SuperTherm top and down tubes, a 3D laser cut 4130 chromoly down tube gusset, an integrated seat post clamp, removable 990 mounts and cable stop, and tapered seat stays.
The standover height was raised to 8-3/4″
The down tube’s diameter was reduced to 1-3/8″
The top tube is squashed at the seat tube
The seat stays are overlapping
The chain stays are straight 3/4″ diameter tubing
The chain stay bridge diameter was increased to 3/4″
A new dropout shape
Handcrafted in New York

Flat Black!

Joby Springsteen, welding bikes at FBM!