The Return of Fishty Cent!

I shot some pics of Jesse Bower yesterday, also known as Fisher, Fishty Cent, or as the inspiration for the “ithaca Is Gangsta” shirt. Anyrate, we met up with Nasty Nate at a local spot, did some ropeswinging, and some bike riding. Fisher hadn’t ridden in a minute, and proceeded to dial in tricks forst run. When you got it, you got it. He smoked newoprt cigarettes as well. It was awesome.Nasty Nate has been flying airplanes and doing pullups, still has time for a session once in a while too. Kelly Baker rebuilt a bike he had in the 70’s, and sent a GNARLY pic of him riding in his backyard. He also updated his blog, with some cool pics of his sons racing, and a funny story. Cameron wood ropswinging pic, courtesy of Fuzzy Hall. Apes. Check SuperBMX for some party pics from the weekend. John Skavarla is kick ass. He had an awesome pic in the last Dig Mag, riding trails. Is there going to Be a trail revival? Stoked. The New Ride UK has a sweet article on dirt Jumps as well. FBM Dirt Jump Comp in the works? Stay Tuned. Peep Old dirty Dev Dog Dot Com for random Aaron ross pics, and pics of cody the dog. BMXonline has an Aaron Ross bike check posted as well. More news when we get some…

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