the price of gas…

Back in Ithaca, and stoked on rising Gas prices, if all goes well though, our problems should be solved, when Cornpie finishes his perpetual motion machine. Here’s a Pic of Dave King lumped up after a beatdown served to him in Canada at the Whistler comp. Good one Dave. Dave and Gilly came back to Pa from a month of digging jobs, and Gilly was back on a flight yesterday to California for another Dew comp. Billy Ashby, shown in front of his home in New Albany Indiana might be the only Baptist on the Team, but his part in the new Shitluck Video might be a couple commandments short of Church on Sunday. When that video comes out expect to see Billy the Kid killing it with wild street moves that made Metro nervous. Its a banger part. Kelly Baker has been healing up in the Valley and building wild bikes, heres his son and his brother riding bikes, and a Chopper made from scrap bikes. Fun. Kelly once gave a seal beer and got yelled at by tourists. He may or may not have been wearing jamz at the time. In other news, summer is coming to an end, have as much fun as you can before it gets cold….

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