The Legacy of the Bakers

New Bike and Crazy eyes- Benny Baker

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and in the case of Kelly Baker and his two BMX riding sons, Clint and Benny, I’d venture to say its pretty accurate. Kelly hooked up his 8 year old son with an FBM Custom Built frame for christmas, and they put it together and hit up East Shore, and Benny was stoked. Kelly said he had to peel him off the bike, because it was passed his bed tim and his tiny hands were getting blistered. Its pretty funny that kelly handed down his getting radical facial expressions to the next generation.
I think its awesome how stoked people get on BMX, and that FBM can help with that from time… Happy Holidays everyone!
Check out Kelly Baker in thos Classic FBM video – “All Time Low”

Check out the tongue, just like his Dad....

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