The Hardest Day

Friday the Thirteenth. 2012.

Mike Tag is a name that will live forever in bright lights. Mike is a legend, and as the saying goes, legends never die. Mike Tag made his mark, as a son, a brother, a bike rider, as a friend, and as an Icon.

FBM started in 93, give or take. It really started about 25 years ago when I met Mike in 7th grade spanish class, and it started showing itself, rolling down the streets of Ithaca with Gilly, Ham Bone, and the gang, riding our bikes, and raising hell.

Yesterday, at age 37 Mike passed after over a year fighting a long hard battle.

37 years might not seem like a long time, but in those years, Mike lived harder, faster, tougher and with more purpose than almost anyone, even in a hundred years.

His legend was born in his travels, his unique perspective, his fearlessness, through all the people he met, the lives he touched, the friends he made throughout. His influence and inspiration reached beyond that of an ordinary man.
Mike lived life on his own terms, and he made the people who’s lives he touched, better.

Friday the 13th marked the end of a journey, a wild adventure, made with great friends, on kids bikes, rolling through life.

Today I am sad, but I am also proud of who Mike was, and the impact he made. I am humbled by the outpouring on Mike’s behalf today. Thank you everyone on behalf of Mike, and his loved ones.

Roll on Mike. We love you brother!

Thank you my friend, forever!