The Guru


Sometimes when traveling, you meet interesting characters. Sometimes when traveling, you get hungry and want a sandwich, one from the world famous Shortstop in Ithaca, run by Chuck Dong.

Often times while waiting for food, or just loitering you will cross paths will all sorts, fellow patrons, local kooks, drug dealers on the way to the big payout, after hours bar dwellers getting snacks, and this time in particular, a Guru!

We had never met, or even seen the Guru before, draped in an orange robe, with a roast beef sandwich, yet he managed to invite 3 strangers onto the bus and have a ceremony, sharing his food with everyone. His method of sharing was a bizarre mix of chants, and praise, followed by DEMANDS for Gary Ginch to produce a knife to cut the sandwich into portions.

After lunch, The Guru sang and danced and did chants, and tried joining us for our next stop. All the while more and more strangers started hopping on the bus, causing all kinds of confusion, until Ginch man kicked the Guru off the bus for having bad manners.

All in all is a good lunch, and the Guru’s ceremony had the crew feeling somewhat spiritual, as we continued our journey…