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The FBM machine shop was built by riders, so that we can build bikes for riders, bikes built to make people smile, for getting rad, or sometimes just getting across town.

We Appreciate Everyone who chooses to ride an FBM, and if you don’t take a second to check out what we do…


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Looking for a custom frame Made in the USA?

FBM has you covered whether you are looking for an existing model or a custom frame built to your exact needs or wildest dreams.

For over a decade, FBM has been building bicycle frames and components in upstate New York. Through hands on experience in design, manufacturing, research and development, and as a community of riders, FBM has become one of the most highly respected sources for American made, high quality, bicycle frames.

FBM offers customs built from scratch, modified versions of existing FBM frames, discontinued FBM frames, cruisers, dirt jumpers, 700c, 650b and beyond. Our goal is to work hand in hand with each rider to aid in the design of your personal frame. We take pride in our craftsmanship and customer service, and wish to make this process as enjoyable as possible.

Manufacturing frames for riders, by riders. Each tube miter and each weld, in every single frame we build, is done by hand, is checked by hand, and is finished by hand. Get a real time look at the build process on FBM’s social media. @fbmbikecompany and @fbmmachineshop


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We have been busy making badass bikes, hosting jams, going to jams, and getting people stoked… We do our best to support the scene!

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