The Earth is flat!

gary ginch! gypsy prince!

Today is the Providence stop on the Gypsy Caravan tour, and so far its been a doozy. We have been meeting and riding with tons of cool people, and having a blast. Tons of parks, trails, street spots and renegade campouts. The dudes are stoked! Saturday is the ender at Haven skatepark, we will see if the teams survive the challenges and the hazzards of the road. Worcester, pronounced Wooostah, almost killed the FBM team and by the sounds of it, the vermont camping ‘trip’ took its toll on the circuit crew. Last Night was Eric Holladys birthday, so the Blacken/Recycles/JNKFD crew filled the RV with party supplies and drove off the end of the earth!

SLam Van party crew! tom and kenny - gypsy livin The Man, captain heck ya! Darryl Nau! gypsies.... Wooostah Mass with Lino Gonzales yo whats up!

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