THe Dude abides….

Chris Hallman is basically a huge APE! Not one to toot his own horn, the Dude is basically one of the best, most diverse and fun riders, ever to fly under the radar. Some riders scream for attention, this guy, is like “i’m outta heeereee…” and blast some huge air. Expect more Hallman pics soon, riding an Oxblood Autopilot, throughout the heat exhausted airwaves of Austin Texas. Aweosme. Mellow trail weekend in Upstate nY, Chunk and Tony Hamlin and freinds rode Kennedy’s Trails in Binghamton, and some of us rode at Bakers. Fisher showed up with a funny looking dog, expensive jewelry and clothing, and tailwhipped a big set of doubles. He is one of my favorite gangstas. Derek spent most of the weekend in the trunk of his car looking for lost Items, and the signature photo of Fancy Clancy, (kelly’s grandad), that Kelly Gave him. John Paul hung out with Derek, in the Land of the lost, with the slestaks, Chaka (chaka love holley), and some guy in a lark. Now Playing- the minutemen,- “maybe Partying will help.”

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