The Ballad of Kenny Horton

Lenny Norton!

Kenny Horton is one of those dudes who wakes up with a worse hangover if he hasn’t emptied several beers, and smoked a crate of cigarettes. He prefers the aches and pains of hard riding and hard living and can’t sit still in a room full of pie eyed hippies with afro’s and patchwork pants. The only problem with Kenny’s subtle beehive buzz energy, is that when He is going full speed, at maximum RPM’s after Last Call, sometimes, it’s all too possible he will hang up bunny hopping over stuff in the middle of the night. Luck has it for Kenny, because Kelly Baker manufactured his skull out of Raw Iron, Goat Bones, and Natty Ice while he was still in Lee Sultimier’s womb.

Built to blast!

I crashed..

Blackened eye.

Double fists to the face.