Thank You!

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May first, 2015, the Stoke is high, and FBM would like to thank everyone that enables us to participate in the weird world of BMX and beyond.

This past weekend was awesome with the lost Bowl Jam, a Trails Jam at Gillies Creek park, and coming off a week on the road visiting Memphis, and the Lucero Family Picnic.

Thank you to all the riders that come out and make these events possible, all the people at shops, spots, and on the road that share their spaces with us, whether its a parking space for the bus, a place to ride, or an afternoon with their part of the BMX community.

It’s just cool to see people get excited about bikes and to be a part of it.

This past weekends events yielded some cool photos, some video, and ultimately a great response from people who were there to hang out and enjoy Bicycle related fun together,Bryan Tarbell shot a really cool Lost Bowl Photo series, Stephen Horrocks published an rad photo gallery on ESPN’s X- Games Website with some words about the event and you can scope The Battle of Gillies Creek on the Least Most. Thanks to all the media for sharing!

Below we posted some of the videos from the jams, the sessions and spots we have visited with the trusty FBM Fun Bus, Check them out and let us know what you think!

What should we do next?




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FBM Pedal Power Jam from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

FBM session at the Bro Bowl in Tampa from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

FBM Visits Jesco Jones from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Lucero Family Picnic from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

FBM- Lost Bowl Jam from FBM BMX on Vimeo.