A handful of us are in Texas, doing some filming and shooting some pics. We picked up Jaohn Paul Rogers who was hitchhiking through Louisville, and made our way down south. Taj let us ride the T1 ramp, and it was basically an Ape Fest. Chris Hallman, also know as Doc From Back to the future, or the Dad from teen Wolf, might be the closest thing to an mythilogical living legend, that any of us have seen yet. Not because he is so kooked, but shit, you should see this guy ride. Ryan Corrigan was also riding real good, and Tony Cardona was straight up shredding, with Mike and some of the other Chicago are riders. It was seriously amazing. That Ramp is serious business. Tony Hamlin Blog is running, as is Kelly Bakers, Leif’s and Aaron Ross’. In other Team news, tag, well, who knows, and Derrick, He is working in a machine shop up North somewhere. Wormz is dialing away In NYC, as it warms up that way, and cameron is in Utah, buying a Waterslide with matt Berringer. KOOOKed. Big dave has a top 5’s list on the Defgrip site. Pretty Cool….
John Paul shot some of these pics by the way…

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