Support your Local BMX shop!

Support your local riding scene, Support your community, Support your local economy, support your locals! Every good riding scene from Santa Rosa, California to Pawtucket, Rhode Island to Johnson City Tennessee has a legit shop, that fosters a healthy, diverse and often thriving BMX scene. BMX Mailorder shops are awesome too, especially if you live in Podunk Pennsyltucky, and The Local Bike shop is a Wal Mart, so don’t take this out of context. Physically touching, seeing and communicating about bikes, parts and riding is awesome, and a lot of the time the money spent at local shops ends up promoting BMX via sponsorships, jams, videos, and trips, even it its just the tiniest amount after food and shelter are covered. Anyrate… It all boils down to community, and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of the BMX community worldwide, and we appreciate the support riders give FBM!

Originally Posted by Steve crandall

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