Sultans of Swing!

Dire Straits are rocking the Itunes right now, and Dave King is somewhere in Ohio building Dirt Jumps with Gilly. Aaron Buckley shot this pic of Dave at FDR, sweet pic. I took a couple snapshots at the trails… Kelly has more kids than he does free time during the week, so It was solo. You can take inventory of the helpers, a broken rake, 2 broken flat shovels, a spade, and rusty wheel barrow. Not like the old days.. Not the best tools for the job, and not much help, but Bakers Acres will be dialed soon. John Lee and Chunk are also clearing the way for Kennedy’s trails… That should be good as well, as long as the Susquehanna river stays in line this year. Frames Sale on the FBM Online Store for a limited time, on some 06 colors. Random Ramp car? Word up Is Cherry Coke!

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