Stuff On Wormz’ Head©

Wormz lookin' smooth even with a big ole fat cat on his head.

I was inspired by the photo of Wormz wearing a top hat and wanted to see what he’d look like with other wacky stuff on his head. Feel free to put Stuff On Wormz’ Head© also and email the results to: John Paul

Spring is still teasing us with its presence and trail digging has begun in earnest. Flirtin’ with dirt seems to be on the move once again even though it never went away.

Cub Scout Pack 155 of Chenango Bridge stopped by today for a tour of our facilities. Luckily they have nothing to compare it to and thought it was great. Dave walked them through the whole operation and fun was had by all. Thanks for stopping by guys.

Cub Scout Pack 155 enjoying the riches of FBM. Can you dig it? No words needed. Fruits of the labor. Sunning on the side streets of Johnson City. I don't know why this is happening. Wormz is going to be a dad soon, best wishes!

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