Stuff, lots of stuff….

I straight up jacked this picture from BMXonline. Its Cameron Wood, and he is the champ, He has 3 consecutive titles for “Awesome Dude of The Day”. The FBM crew is in busy mode, building shit all over the world. Wanna get some shit done, call someone from FBM, whether its Big Dave and his posse building bikes, or Kelly Baker doing a skatepark fundraiser, Jhn Lee building his appetite for mint tinga lings, or what have you. Ryan Corrigan is currently building more ramps at Woodward west, getting ready for 1664’s street comp, then off to the Xgames, and maybe to the Moon to build a pallet fullpipe. Dave King and Gilly are in Canada, at Whistler, building an amazing course for the Elevation comp, under the close supervision, of Jay Miron, AKA the BEAST. Gilly says this to the Beast- “I’ll build this jump, but you better get me a sandwhich, sucker…”. Expect to see Gilly building at all the Dew tours, and the X games as well. That dude will build a dirt jump on your head. Dave King, who knows with that dude, hopefully Nutter isn’t ruining his car while he is away. (nutter is the worlds biggest ape!) More news in a few…Now Playing-Bottle Rockets- “indianapolis”

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