Last night was the stop in Grand Rapids Michigan, it was super fun. Everyone is generally psyched on this trip, Thunderlip is a serious Rock and Roll Band, one of the guitarist dropped in on the mini while blasting some riffs, and slid down the masonite on his feet. Lots of people were there to see Lucero, and Mat Hoffman. I got to ride a cement Bowl in a mall with Mat Hoffman yesterday, I was stunned about that. Then we had pizza, and Aaron Ross chucked Catfish clear across the entire park. Don’t mess with Aarons pizza! Whitesnake, Scott Yoquelet, and Rich Hoppe drove up from Ft. Wayne. Flip and the Albes crew, Davey Cooperwasser, and Scott Towne were in the house as well. Good times, one dude even had FBM tattooed on his knuckles! Party! Peep BMXonline for more in depth daily updates.

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