Steady Rollin Puerto Rico

Here is a video from when FBM Visited Puerto Rico a few years back, playing tourist and visiting friends…

Evan Venditti Of Recycles Fame in Richmond VA. is making an effort to send supplies and support to the good people of Puerto Rico (A United States territory with millions of U.S. citizens in peril)

Evan is Heading up his own effort to help out friends and loved ones in PR ( he is there now)- heres a list of donations being accepted at Recycles Bike Shop

-Generators (compact)
-solar panels, lighting, chargers, accesories
-dc/ac inverters
-gas cans
-non perishable FOOD items(not requiring milk or eggs)
-water filters
-chain saws (blades, 2cyc oil, etc)
-usb rechargeable items
-hand saws
-heavy duty trash bags

Check out the Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fun